irit reichman - family business

Family owned businesses are controlled by a single family. Parents and their children, and often sons-in-law, daughters-in-law, and grandchildren, fill central decision-making positions. Usually, the founder is the dominant and decisive family member; this may be the head of the family or one of the children.
Like all businesses, family owned businesses can be small, such as a local grocery store, a legal firm, and so on, employing mostly other family members. But they may also be large, employing hundreds and even thousands, only a few of whom are family members.
Our firm provides legal consultation to family owned businesses, specializing in finding creative solutions to prevent the emergence of family feuds. Unlike business conflicts between unrelated partners, conflicts within a family owned business involve special factors that must be considered when crafting a resolution.
Furthermore, the legal jurisdiction empowered to resolve conflicts in family owned businesses is family court. Therefore, if you are required to deal with a conflict in your family owned business, it is very important to consult with an attorney who is specializes in Family Law.
Managing disputes over family owned property in court and resolving family feuds through negotiations and mediation differ essential from resolving commercial business disputes, because they involve bad blood within the family. Therefore, experience can definitely be of decisive value for anyone providing legal advice geared to resolving precisely this type of conflict.