Attorney Irit Reichman

Founder, Lawyer, mediator and notary

Attorney Irit Reichman is the founder of the firm that for the past 30 years provides services relating to family law, inheritance law and mediation. Attorney and notary Irit Reichman has extensive vast experience in all subjects relating to family law, inheritance law and mediation. She provides close legal consultation and services to all of the firm’s clients. She has a deep understanding of complex issues in family law, and thus she accompanies the firm’s clients to a successful completion of legal proceedings and settlement of family disputes.

Attorney and notary Irit Reichman has vast experience in appearing before Family Courts, Regional Rabbinical Courts, the Great Rabbinical Court, District Courts, and the Supreme Court of Israel. Reichman is also highly qualified and experienced in handling complex family issues, in managing high-value legal proceedings that involve multiple assets.

Attorney Irit Reichman has been a certified mediator for many years and has gained vast experience and knowledge in managing mediation and dispute resolution processes in complex family matters, as well as matters relating to inheritance, property, custody and child support issues.

Due to her extensive experience, our firm provides complete and comprehensive solutions to our clients, both in court proceedings and outside the court. Her vast experience as a mediator enables her to provide clients with a complete and comprehensive solution that answers their needs and achieve for them the best results, regardless of the legal channel in which the dispute is discussed.

Attorney and notary Irit Reichman is a renowned and popular lecturer, who lectures to large entities in the Israeli economy, such as Bank Hapoalim and Discount Bank, the Courts Administration, the Bank of Israel, the Israel Airports Authority and dozens of forums attended by senior employees on the subject of “financial relations within the family”. In addition, Reichman lectured at Ascolot School where she led a course on “The psychology of Couples”. Attorney Reichman was certified to sign a durable power of attorney pursuant to the Legal Capacity and Guardianship Law.

Attorney Irit Reichman appears in many media channels, including interviews on TV and radio shows, and in newspaper articles.

LLB graduate from the Tel Aviv University.
A mediator certified by the Israeli Center for Negotiations and Conflict Resolution of the Technion since 1998
Member of the Israeli Bar Association since 1982.
A registered Notary Public since 1998.
Member of the Family Court Committee of the Jerusalem District Bar Association.
Certified to prepare durable power of attorney, preliminary directives for the purpose of appointing a guardian, and a document expressing a will according to the law.