Attorney Merav Reichman-Shaked

Partner - Lawyer and Mediator

Attorney Merav Reichman-Shaked specializes in family and inheritance law. As part of her work at attorney and notary Irit Reichman law firm, she has accumulated vast experience in preparing various court documents for the Family Court and Rabbinical Court. In addition, she is involved in the drafting of financial agreements, divorce agreements and complex prenuptial agreements that include a large amount of properties.

In addition, attorney Merav Reichman-Shaked has vast experience in preparing wills, including mutual wills between spouses, as well as providing legal consultation and service to her clients in applications for a succession order and probate order. Attorney Merav Reichman-Shaked has also participated in very complex negotiations that eventually led to achievements and the signing of successful agreements for our clients.

Attorney Reichman-Shaked accompanies our clients, provides them with professional legal advice, and is in constant daily contact with them.

Attorney Merav Reichman-Shaked worked as an attorney at Shibolet & Co. law firm before joining our office. At Shibolet & Co. law firm, she worked as an attorney in the real-estate department, where she gained vast experience and knowledge in the various issues of Real Estate Law. As part of her work at Shibolet & Co., attorney Merav Reichman-Shaked accompanied real estate deals involving millions of NIS, and represented clients in various real estate transactions.

During her years as a attorney, Reichman-Shaked participated in many professional seminars and professional studies in the field of real estate and in the field of family law in general and financial agreements in particular.

Attorney Reichman-Shaked is a mediator, certified by the Israeli Bar Association, and LLM graduate at Tel Aviv University. LL.M

Attorney Reichman-Shaked was certified to sign a durable power of attorney pursuant to the Legal Capacity and Guardianship Law.

Member of the Israeli Bar Association since 2012
Graduated LL.B law degree at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya
Graduated B.A. in Business Management from the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, specializing in marketing
Certified to prepare durable power of attorney, preliminary directives for the purpose of appointing a guardian, and a document expressing a will according to the law
Member of the Inheritance Law Committee of the Israeli Bar Association