The Irit Reichman Law Office and Notary Public was established in 1987.

The firm specializes in family and personal status law including: arrangement of divorce agreements, financial support agreements, family conflict resolution agreements, processing of claims relating to inheritance, wills and legacies. Also included are claims to the family court and the rabbinical court on the topic of financial support, child custody and property claims, mediation proceedings and accompaniment in negotiation procedures.

Irit Reichman Law Office and Notary Public has wide experience in everything related to career assets, company acquisitions and pension rights in mediation procedures, and the firm has led the way to rulings that set legal precedents in that subject.

The firm’s attorneys appear in court on a permanent basis in all legal cases. The firm takes care of claims in family courts throughout the country, in rabbinical courts, in district courts and in the Supreme Court. Attorney Reichman is a member of the “Family Court and Rabbinical Court Committee” of the Israeli Bar Association.

In the area of family law, the firm handles divorce agreements, financial support agreements, various claims in family court and rabbinical court relating to wife support, child support, family violence, inheritance claims, custody claims and organization of evidence, powers of attorney, claims under the Hague Convention (kidnapping of children) and immigration claims, asset attachment orders to guarantee support payments, same-sex families, civil marriages, orders to monitor exits from the country, sperm theft, court orders for support payments, safeguarding of rights, partnership regulations, balance of resources, asset attachment orders to guarantee preservation of rights, orders to produce a report and information disclosure, “common law marriage”, “common law” support, family conflict resolution, abandoned wives, permission to marry, protection orders, adoption.

In the area of inheritance law, the firm engages in requests for inheritance wills and a variety of the legal topics related to dealing with inheritance and settling disputes over it. Also included: preparation of wills and requests to establish a will, assets consolidation, management of legacy files, dissolution of a property owner partnership and management of claims in the courts relating to these issues.

Over the years, the firm has supplied legal briefs, articles and professional opinions to many newspapers, including “Yediot Aharanot”, “Ma’ariv”, “Globes”, “Ha’aretz” and Internet sites in the areas of divorce and couple relationships and various local papers.

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